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Hand-held Concrete Crusher

Hand held crusher allows the demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete with strength and precision.



  • Without noise, vibrations and/or percussions

  • Practical, handy and reliable

  • Can be operated by a 700 bar pump - electric or petrol engine

  • Excellent yield and effective on constructions, stairs, pillars, basins, foundations, beams, chimneys, etc

  • Ability to achieve fine cut without chipping

  • Fast cutting on hard brittle material

  • Good cutting speed with good lifespan

  • No broken ends

Technical Data

Hydraulic power: 30 tonne

Working pressure: 700 bar

Max. crush  thickness 30cm (R=325kg/cm2)
Power at the head: 13,6 tonne

Weight: 52kg

Dimensions (mm): 740x860x180

Thickness (mm): 200/250/300

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