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Clipper CE414 Series High-Speed Cut-Off Saw - Electric
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  • Thermal protection light indicators show low voltage or amperage overload while the electronic clutch protects motor and gear set from damage during excessive conditions

  • The GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter) protects operators from electrical shock

  • The Stable Start feature provides a smoother start for better operator control allowing motor to slowly build speed during start-up preventing unintentional circuit breaker trips

  • Strongest motor in class with better ergonomics for easier operation in wet and dry applications, delivering versatility


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Clipper CP500 Series High-Speed Cut-Off Saw - Gas


  • Patented twin-air inlets and external rocker wheel keeps saw running clean and reduces debris being trapped in the filter

  • The four-step easy start eliminates the hassle of a choke by simply turning the switch on, priming the engine, pushing the decompression button, then pulling the cord to start

  • The electronic carburetor’s electromagnetic valve eliminates the standard choke and half throttle start

  • The patented iLube option automatically controls mixing of oil and fuel for maximum efficiency


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